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Corporate Office: 2010, El Camino Real,
Santa Clara, CA 95050

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(+1) 844-844-7228

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At PACT RCM, we're pioneers in transforming the healthcare landscape. Our innovative approach centers on the patient, eliminating financial anxiety, nurturing patient loyalty, and providing an unwavering 100% revenue security for healthcare providers.

We've revolutionized the patient experience. Our patient-focused approach ensures billing transparency, precise out-of-pocket estimates, and hassle-free financial interactions. This fosters trust and loyalty, which translates into more referrals for your practice.

By choosing PACT RCM, you're not merely selecting medical billing services; you're embracing a transformative healthcare journey. We're here to ensure your financial prosperity while you focus on delivering exceptional patient care.



Our approach is rooted in simplicity, free from unnecessary jargon. We're genuinely more than an outsourcing partner - envision us as an extension of your office, dedicated to your success.

  • Navigating the complexities of healthcare often overwhelms patients. With over a decade in healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), our Founder envisioned empowering patients with expert knowledge for informed decisions. As a mission-driven company, we believe in transforming healthcare.
  • Empowered patients yield positive outcomes - greater satisfaction and content doctors. Paired with a billing team valuing individuals over claims, we start by respecting all stakeholders.
  • Importantly, our mission extends benefits to doctors. Empowered patients result in loyalty, timely payments, reduced administrative costs, and elevated patient satisfaction. These elements foster revenue growth. As an RCM company, we maintain financial efficiency while humanizing the process for positive impacts on providers and patients.
  • Assured 98% first pass claim acceptance rate and 97% medical coding accuracy.
  • Consistent workflow to reduce AR backlogs and accelerate your revenue cycle.
  • We equip you to scale up and streamline operations to handle value based reimbursement models.
  • Technical and professional capabilities that minimize downtimes, delays and loss of productivity.
  • Our mission challenges norms, leveraging RCM and tech expertise to redefine healthcare. We aim for inclusivity and an industry benchmark.


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Boost your Physician Group's financial strength with our coding and billing expertise. Ensure quick reimbursements and fewer errors, while you prioritize patient care. Trust us with your finances.

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Accelerate reimbursements, reduce billing errors, and secure your digital healthcare's financial future with our services. Partner with us to lead the digital health revolution.

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